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NamePosts in Sidebar
AuthorAldo Latino
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Aldo LatinoAldo Latino

Requires WordPress version4.6
Tested up to WordPress version5.7.2
Requires PHP versionNot defined
Published on2012-09-10
Last update2021-05-15 7:19pm GMT
Tagpost, query, sidebar, widget, wp_query
Active installations10 000+
Users rating (5.0 stars, 100%)
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Posts in Sidebar is a plugin for WordPress that lets you show a list of your posts using the criteria you want. This plugin gives you almost all the power of WordPress to retrieve the posts you want and show them in your sidebars.

The plugin has also a shortcode, that you can use in your posts/pages to list your posts. You can find more information in the Wiki page on GitHub.

Once installed, Posts in Sidebar creates a new widget for your sidebar. Add it to your sidebar, select the options to retrieve the posts you want, and save the widget: you’re done!

Here are some of the functions you’ll have:

  • get posts by authors, categories, tags, post format, or any custom taxonomy;
  • get posts by exact IDs;
  • get posts by meta key/value;
  • get posts by modification date;
  • get posts children of other posts;
  • get posts by search;
  • get posts by recent comments;
  • get posts by complex taxonomies queries;
  • get posts by complex date queries;
  • get posts by complex custom fields queries;
  • get posts from the category of the current post;
  • exclude posts by authors, taxonomies, and so on;
  • control which elements of the posts are displayed (like post thumbnail, taxonomies, meta values, and so on);
  • stylize the output of the widget using custom CSS styles;
  • cache the output of the widget to save queries to the database;
  • … and much more.

The powerful WordPress class WP_Query is at your fingertips with this plugin. To understand what this plugin can do, take a look at this Codex page: almost all these functions are already included in Posts in Sidebar.

This plugin is free software and it’s developed with many efforts: a donation is very appreciated.


Documentation, Help & Bugs

The plugin’s documentation is hosted on GitHub. Please refer to it before asking for support.

If you need help, please use WordPress forum. Do not send private email unless it is really necessary.

If you have found a bug, please report it on GitHub.

This plugin is developed using GitHub. If you wrote an enhancement and would share it with the world, please send me a Pull request.


I would like to say Thank You to all the people who helped me in making this plugin better and translated it into their respective languages.

This plugin uses the following JavaScript code, released under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 or later:

  • a modified version of @kometschuh’s code for “Category Posts Widget” plugin, used to open and close panels in the widget admin user interface;
  • a modified version of @themesfactory’s code for “Duplicate Widgets” plugin, used to duplicate a widget.

Thanks to these developers for their work and for using the GNU General Public License.

Privacy Policy

This plugin does not collect any user data.


You can get a copy from the page in the official repository:


You can get support in this forum.


If you’re happy using this plugin, make a small donation via PayPal.

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