Delicious Readings

This plugin allows you to publish some of your Delicious bookmarks on your blog:
it retrieves the bookmarks from a specific tag and publishes them on your sidebar.

It could be useful, for example, to publish your readings on the Web.
Let’s say that you read a webpage and bookmark it as “readings”.
This plugin can get the bookmarks from the tag “readings” (or whatever it is) and display them on a widget in your sidebar. You can also use a shortcode if you want to display your reading list on a static page or on a single post.

The plugin may display for each tag:

  • The title with link
  • The description if any
  • The date of the bookmark
  • The tags assigned to the bookmark
  • The link to the entire archive of that tag on Delicious

After the plugin’s activation, you will have a new widget in Appearance / Widgets.

Usage as shortcode

You can also use the plugin’s shortcode to display your list on a static page or on a single post. Use:

[dreadings feed_url=""]

Change USERNAME and TAG-NAME as required.

In the widget you can use the full set of options. So, for example, if you want to display the tags, use:

[dreadings feed_url="" display_tags=true]

Usage as PHP function

You can also use the main PHP function directly in your theme. Add these lines where you want it be displayed:

if ( function_exists( 'dr_fetch_feed' ) ) {
    $args = array(
        'feed_url'         => '',
        'quantity'         => 5,
        'display_desc'     => false,
        'truncate'         => 0,
        'display_date'     => false,
        'date_text'        => 'Stored on:',
        'display_tags'     => false,
        'tags_text'        => 'Tags:',
        'display_hashtag'  => true,
        'display_arrow'    => false,
        'display_archive'  => true,
        'archive_text'     => 'More posts',
        'display_arch_arr' => true,
        'new_tab'          => false,
        'nofollow'         => true,
    dr_fetch_feed( $args );

Make sure to properly use the opening and closing tags <?php and ?> respectively.

The only mandatory option is feed_url. Also change USERNAME and TAG-NAME as required. The other options are the default options which you can change according your needs. It isn’t necessary to insert all of them.

About this plugin

Name of the plugin: Delicious Readings
Plugin version: 2.4.2
This plugin requires WordPress 3.0
Tested up to WordPress 4.6.5
Last updated: July 31, 2016 (9 months ago)
Compatibility: Unknown with WordPress 4.7.4
Tags: bookmarks, Delicious, readings, widget
Rating: 5 stars
Number of downloads: 2,374

Latest changes

  • Removed sponsored link in the feed.


The stable version is hosted on the official WordPress repository: Delicious Readings and has been downloaded 2,374 times.

The development version is hosted on GitHub. Forks are welcome!


Author’s name: Aldo Latino
Profile on Aldo Latino




  • Removed sponsored link in the feed.


  • Switched to PHP5 __contruct() in creating the widget.


  • NEW: The user can fetch up to 100 items (props by alassafin.f).


  • NEW: The items can now be displayed in random order (props by whaus).


  • Fixed a typo that breaks hyperlink if “nofollow” is inactive (thanks to whaus).


  • Fixed a bug where the shortcode displayed the output before a custom introductory text (thanks to eggepegge).


  • NEW: Added the shortcode to display your reading list on a static page or on a single post (thanks to @redhatgal for the tip).
  • Minor bug fixings.


  • Moved the widget into a separate file.
  • Fixed a typo in the widget panel.
  • Fixed a bug in the “nofollow” value for rel attribute.
  • Security focusing.


First release of the plugin.


<a href="">aldolat</a>.

Other Notes


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