Privacy policy

The site (hereafter “the site”) takes very seriously the confidentiality of the data that readers release by visiting the site.

Personal data

The only personal data are collected using the comment form when they leave a comment on a page or when they send a message using the form in the Contact page. The platform used for managing the site is WordPress, which by its nature involves the interaction and exchange of ideas between the author and readers by leaving comments. To make this possible, it is necessary to leave some data before submitting a comment:

  1. name (required)
  2. email address (required)
  3. website address of the user (optional)

The system, at the time the comment, also records the following data, associating them with the previous:

  1. IP address
  2. date and time
  3. browser and operating system used

Nothing prevents you may enter false data (not your real name and email address that does not exist), but that does not allow a fruitful interaction between author and user, in the case of exchange of tips: in fact the system allows the user to receive email notifications about the presence of new comments in response to the article that had commented. On the contrary, the data collected automatically by the system can not be controlled by the user and are recorded for the sole purpose of preventing abuses or to document any harassing actions against the site.

All these data are stored in the MySQL database of the author’s website and will never be disclosed to third parties for any reason, except for the judicial authorities in the cases provided by law. The database is stored in the web farm of Serverplan, the company hosting this site.

The holder of the data

The holder of personal data is Aldo Latino. The holder can be contacted via the form in the Info page or via email at aldolat at

Removal of personal data

At any time, anyone who leaves a comment can contact the author of the site and ask for the total removal of all data related to his person.

Cookie policy

Cookies are text files that allow a correct interaction between the user of the site and the site itself. They are useful, for example, when you sign up in a site to use its services or when, visiting a blog, you want to adapt the look to your needs (if the blog / website provides this possibility). Cookies can also be used to extend a user profile in order to show, for example, targeted advertising, according to his preferences. To learn more about cookies you can visit the Cookie page on Wikipedia.

This site makes use of the following types of cookies:

  1. Technical Cookies. These cookies are used for registered users and serve to maintain open the login session, so you do not need to authenticate each time you visit the site. For these cookies we do not require the prior consent of the user.
  2. Third-party cookies. These cookies are used for some integrated services within the site, for example, a YouTube video or a Scribd PDF embedded in a page, a button for interacting with social networks, etc. For these cookies we ask your consent before storing them in your computer. The third party sites are:

* WordPress;
* Gravatar;
* Twitter and also this page;
* YouTube;
* Google;
* Facebook;
* Scribd.

You can also find the Privacy Policies of Third Parties in Your Online Choices, where you can disable their profiling cookies.

Set your browser preferences

Although this site can be surfed in an anonymous way using the capabilities of “anonymous surfing” of modern browsers and in order to help the user to change the options of your browser, here are indicated the links to the pages of the manufacturers of the most common browser on how to delete cookies already installed and to setup the automatic rejection of cookies both of first party and third parties:

European Union General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

As described in the “Personal Data” paragraph in this page, the collected data about users are:

  1. name (required)
  2. email address (required)
  3. website address of the user (optional)
  4. IP address
  5. date and time
  6. browser and operating system used

The access to this data is permitted only to the owner of this site (see above “The holder of the data”).

Each user that have interacted with this site in every manner can ask the removal of the data about him. The user can contact the owner of this site using the form on Contact page or via email to

User data are stored for indefinite time, until this site will exist or until users request their data removal.

Date of this Privacy Policy: March 04th, 2018.
Previous versions: May 24th, 2015.