Private Content plugin and custom roles

A short post to explain how to use custom roles with Private Content plugin.

As you already know, my Private Content Plugin works fine with WordPress built-in standard roles. Sometimes a user asks for more informations on how the plugin works with custom roles. Let’s see that in this post.

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How Posts in Sidebar chooses the main category of the post

A technical blog post on the new feature “Sort categories” in the Posts in Sidebar plugin.

One of the features of my plugin Posts in Sidebar is that the widget, when viewing a single post page (i.e. a blog post page), can display a content different from the standard. For example, a user could want to display a list of recent posts in the main widget but, when viewing a single post page, a list of posts published under the same category of the main post. The feature is available under Getting posts > Change the query when on single posts.

In a recent release of my plugin Posts in Sidebar (exactly the 3.8.4 version) I made an important change regarding which category to use in order to get the posts, when a post has multiple categories. In the previous versions the plugin picked up the category with the lowest letter in the alphabetically sorted list of the post’s categories and used it to get the posts. Starting from 3.8.4 the plugin can use the category with the lowest ID, that is the WordPress-style to choose the category for the permalink construction. Let’s see something more detailed on this.

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Hello, World!

Hello World! This is my dev site, a corner where I’ll write about my development updates. I’m not a hardcore code worker, but I love to write some lines when I have the time.

WordPress catched all my interest and I wrote a few plugins released in the WP repository: you can find all in the sidebar under “Projects” or in the dedicated page.

Hope you can find something useful and enjoy using them.