Private Content 5.0 released

The Private Content plugin has reached the 5th major release with a very smart new option. Now the user can reverse the logic of the recipient option by enabling the new reverse option, so that users added in recipient are now excluded from reading the private note.

As you know, we can tell the plugin that some users can read a certain note. For example, only Alice will read the note “Text for Alice only”:

[private role="none" recipient="alice"]Text for Alice only.[/private]

You can use multiple users too, separating them with a comma:

[private role="none" recipient="alice, bob, charlie"]Text for Alice, Bob, and Charlie only.[/private]

Here comes the new reverse option. What about if I want to show the private note to all users, excluding Alice, Bob, and Charlie?

We can reverse the logic of the recipient option. The recipient option is activated with recipient=1 and this is an example:

[private role="none" recipient="alice, bob, charlie" reverse=1]Text for all users. Alice, Bob, and Charlie cannot read this.[/private]

Thanks to @blackbird69 on the WordPress forums for posting the question and giving me this idea!

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