Posts in Sidebar 4.6.0 released

Posts in Sidebar 4.6.0 has been released. Let’s see what’s new.

From the changelog

### 4.6.0 ###

* Added option to get posts from the current archive page (category, tag, and author).
* Changed wp_kses to wp_kses_post for widget introduction.
* Now debug options are displayed without execution.

Get posts from the current archive page

Now you can get posts published under the current category/tag/author archive page. In other words, if you’re visiting a category archive page, the widget can show posts from that category; or if you’re visiting an author archive page, the widget can show posts from that author.

For this section of options, you can activate all of them, i.e. the category, the tag, and the author, because they are all independent.

Improvement in widget introduction

In the previous versions, the widget introduction couldn’t accept all HTML, and many HTML tags were stripped out. Starting from 4.6.0 this text field accepts the same HTML you can use when you write a post.

Improvement in debug display

In the previous versions, the options retrieved in the debug display were executed by the browser. Now they are displayed as simple text. For example, if in the previous versions you inserted a link in the widget introduction, the link would be shown as a clickable link; in the new 4.6.0 it’s displayed as simple text.


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