Posts in Sidebar 4.5.0 released

Posts in Sidebar 4.5.0 has been released. Let’s take a look into that.

From the changelog

### 4.5.0 ###

* Added options for title and WordPress-generated excerpt length unit.
* Added filter for HTML arrows in title and excerpt.
* Added CSS ID selector to ul.

Define the measuring unit for title and excerpt length

Starting from 4.5.0 you can define a measuring unit for the length of titles and excerpt generated by WordPress. Until now the only unit was “words”, as WordPress does for other contexts. One user asked for this (here and here). Since I think that it’s better to give users more options/solutions for their sites, I added this option.

If the user chooses characters as unit, the function will literally count the characters where to cut the text. The function counts also spaces as characters. After the cut of the text, the trailing space (if present) is removed.

Other improvements

Other small improvements in this release:

  • Now the arrow can be filtered, so that the user can make any change.
  • Now the list that contains the posts has a CSS ID so that the user can target it with more precision.


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