Posts in Sidebar 4.0 is available

I just released a new version of Posts in Sidebar plugin and it’s live on the WordPress repository just now. After 3 weeks from the last release, a new version brings new capabilities in using the power of WordPress for retrieving your posts.

These are the new items from the changelog:

  1. Added section for retrieving posts from multiple custom fields. Until now you were able to get posts with a single custom field and/or value. Now you can put in relation multiple custom fields, as per WP_Query capability.
  2. Added option for retrieving posts with/without password. This is a totally new option, and you can get posts that have a password, or posts that haven’t a password, or posts either with password and without a password (i.e. all posts), as per WP_Query capability.
  3. Added option for retrieving posts with a certain password. You can get posts with a certain password. The previous options is not related with this field, so it’s enough you enter directly a password and WordPress will give you posts that have that password, as per WP_Query capability.
  4. Now panels do not collapse after saving the widget. This is a long waited enhancement for the UI of the plugin. As you know, when you save the widget after having opened a lot of panels, the panels get closed after the refresh. Now the panels remain in the state they were before pressing the Save button.

If you like this plugin, do not forget to leave a review and, if you can, make a donation. This would be very appreciated. :)

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