Pinboard Bookmarks 1.6.0 released

Pinboard Bookmarks 1.6.0 has been released. Let’s take a look into that.

From the changelog

### 1.6.0 ###

* Removed support for Twitter.
* Removed option to get bookmarks from tags without setting a username.
* Added introductory text.
* Fixed option name for uninstall.php.
* Minor fixes.

Removed support from Twitter

Pinboard lets you fetch your tweets that:

  • have a link inside;
  • you liked and have a link inside.

Pinboard then adds a “tag” depending on the type of tweet:

  • from twitter (the first case) or
  • from twitter_favs (the second one).

So in Pinboard you have two separate pages for these bookmarks:


The problem is that, when Pinboard creates the RSS feed, there is no way to distinguish the first tweets from the second ones. In the feed you have only <dc:source></dc:source>. In this situation, we cannot link to the correct page.

Removed option to get bookmarks from tags without setting a username

Recently Pinboard removed the RSS feed from an archive page for a tag, for example, For this reason, in the plugin, it’s now mandatory to set up a username.

Added introductory text

A new option is the Introductory text for the entire widget. This is useful if you want to give an idea of what type of bookmarks are there.

Fixed option name in uninstall.php

The name for the plugin options in the database was wrong in the file uninstall.php. It’s fixed now.


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